Notarial fees are recommended from time to time by the Society of Notaries of Victoria Inc (SONOV). See the SONOV scale of costs 

Fees reflect both the time taken to prepare documents and certificates and the skill and responsibility involved.
When making an appointment to have a document notarised,  ask the notary for a fee estimate.

 NIDS charges in accordance with the time required and what additional services you require. For more information , see our Options page.

Additional fees may apply if more than one person is required to execute the one document.
 For complicated matters or where many small tasks are required, you can expect to be charged based on our time engaged. Until the notary is able to view the documentation involved, it may be difficult to assess the time required. Generally, for a straightforward document you could expect the notary to see you for about 10 minutes and then conclude the notary's involvement within a further 10 minutes. If you are very organised and can keep your appointment to under 10 minutes, our minimum fees might apply.   

Payment methods

NIDS generally requires you to leave your credit card details securely in our system at the time of booking online. You will not be charged until after your appointment (unless you do not show up and do not also reschedule). You can pay in cash or pay our invoice directly using your credit card.