DFAT & Apostilles:

('Legalisation' or 'Consularisation' of the Notary's Signature) 

As discussed on our online booking page, as an insurance policy against fraud, most non-Commonwealth jurisdictions require certification—  usually by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) — of the notary's seal and signature, which are held on file at DFAT and by many consulates.  NIDS can advise which of the following steps apply to your documents:

Step 1:          A notary's seal and signature.

Step 2a:        DFAT Apostille ($60) — re: step 1

Step 2b:        DFAT Authentication ($20) — re: step 1

Step 3:          'Consularisation' — re: steps 1 and/or 2

As a very general rule of thumb, Commonwealth Countries require only Step 1, 'Apostille Countries' require only steps 1 and 2a, and all other countries require steps 1,  2b and 3. However there are a significant number of important exceptions. NIDS can, together with your overseas advisors, advise you whether your situation falls into such an exception.