1. What appointment duration do I need?    (STEP 1: Choose an appointment duration)

10 Minutes: $88 - A single signatory   OR  five short copy documents* (non qualification documents)
15 Minutes: $132 - Two signatories     OR  6-10 short copy documents* (non qualification documents)
20 Minutes: $176 - Three signatories
25 Minutes: $220  - Four signatories
30 Minutes: $264 - Five signatories

The above (discounted) fees:
    • Assume payment by 48 hours after your notarisation.
    • Apply only to appointments using our scheduling system 

    • No fee if made more than 12 hours prior to appointment
    • $88 booking fee if made 12 hours or less prior to appointment

2. What options do I need?    (STEP 2: Choose additional options you need)

The item numbering (a) - (z) below corresponds to the item numbering in our scheduling system. After you understand which options you require, please select the corresponding option/s via our scheduling systemThis can be done at any time. 

Beyond the basic appointment duration fee, we charge additional fees in relation to things such as:
    1. Non-English documents (unless you have an official translation)
    2. Company documents (because we have to establish the existence of the company and your authority to sign)
    3. Obtaining for you an Apostille or DFAT Authentication (note that DFAT charges additional fees of $81 per stamp)

* Notarised Copies of a document 
(a)     Original document is electronic  (possible if the original can be independently verified)
(b)     If any document is beyond 15 pages
(c)     For every 5 documents after the first 10

        Company documents
(d)     Company documents (single director Australian company - you provide current ASIC extract proving director)
(e)     Company documents (multiple director Australian company - you provide current ASIC extract proving directors)
(f)     Company documents - we obtain current ASIC extract  (proving directors) for you

DFAT Apostille or Authentication services following notarisation (or signature by equivalent government official):
(g)     DFAT apostille or DFAT authentication STANDARD SERVICE     (3-5 days)
(h)     DFAT apostille or DFAT authentication URGENT SERVICE         (24 hours if we have your document by 11:00am)

                      Our DFAT service fee is not per-document but covers up to 10 documents (if notarised by us at one appointment)
DFAT charges its own additional fees per stamp - currently $81 per stamp. You will need to cover these.

Embassy consularisation (following DFAT Authentication):
(i)    CHINA, JORDAN or UAE         
(j)   All other countries

Consulates charge their own additional fees per stamp. You will need to cover these.

Courier or Express post your documents for you:
(k)  International courier (Fedex DHL or similar - max 20 pages total / max 5 documents)*   
(L)  Australia express post (max 20 pages total / max 5 documents)* 
(m) client pickup document direct from DFAT or Embassy (NIDS to authorise in writing)* 

* Availability at NIDS discretion. Must generally be requested at or prior to your appointment (not later).

 Foreign language documents 
(n)    French, Italian, Spanish documents (without an official translation)
(o)     Document is in authentic / public (not private) form

 Notary certificates (rather than ink stamps on your documents)
(p)    Standard notary certificate                                                             (we insert your basic details)
(q)     Custom notary certificate or certificate of good standing               (we draft a certificate based on your instructions)